R. K. College of Education Datia, Madhya Pradesh

Student Facilities

Infrastructural Facilities

  • Land and Building:
    College has adequate number of classrooms, hall laboratory space for instructional activities, principal room, staff room, office area and stores. College has rich and extensive library having approx. 3000 books related to the course, journals on teacher education, encyclopedias, reference books, magazines, newspapers and CD-ROMs.
  • Seminar Hall:
    Big and spacious hall for organizing seminars, competitions and combined B.Ed. Classes for compulsory Subjects.
  • Other Rooms:
    There are separated rooms for the office bearers, administrative staff, and Principal and faculty members.

Instructional Facilities

  • Classrooms:
    The College has big, spacious and well-ventilated with modern teaching aids and provided with comfort and conductive environment for learning
  • Laboratory:
    College provide facilities of laboratories for performing various tests and experience
    • Educational Technology Lab: Highly equipped educational technology lab with latest devices used for teaching. It is comprised of CD player, OHP speakers, mikes, T.V. Camera and wide variety of latest educational CDs.
    • Psychology Lab: Well quipped psychology lab. Having tests like Bhatia's Battery Performance test of intelligence, Non-verbal intelligence Test, Mirror Drawing Apparatus etc. These tests help in identifying personal ability and personality of a particular person.
    • Science Lab: College has well quipped science lab. Having all required apparatus, device and chemicals etc. for chemistry, physics, botany and zoology labs.
    • Computer Lab: Well furnished and air cooled Computer lab. Internet connection in all computers. Printing and scanning facility are also available. Each Computers system has CD and floppy drive.
  • Library:
    Well furnished library with a rich and extensive collection of books (text and reference books), journals Magazines and newspaper. Wide variety of Hindi and English books are available topics related to the courses. Educational Encyclopedias, yearbooks and electronic publications (CDROMs) are also available.

Other Facilities

  • Games and Sports:
    Goods for various indoor games like chess, caram, Table tennis and outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, badminton etc. are available. All sports activities are looked after by an experienced and capable physical instructor.
  • Water and Electricity:
    College provides cold, safe and cleans (Aqua guard) water facility for students.